Why Did Your Instagram Story Disappeared Before 24 Hours?

We all love Instagram. It has been a significant addition to the social media family since its launch and has served us superb features to feel blessed. One such feature is sharing stories with our contacts and followers and receiving from them likewise. In this article, we will talk about why your Instagram story disappeared before 24 hours

But it is the former that also presents something awkward. As per the Instagram rule, a story remains on display for 24 hours. However, sometimes people complain about their story disappearing before 24 hours. And there can be a lot of key, certain, and thoughtful reasons for this.

Why Did Your Instagram Story Disappeared Before 24 Hours?

Your story remains up for viewing by others for 24 hours. And its disappearing before the time period clearly suggests something is wrong with it. Some of the possible reasons are mentioned below. 

1. App Glitches 

Glitches in apps are a common thing. Often, they can be due to factors such as updates and server issues but other factors may also occur. Being a top social media platform, usually, Instagram usually swiftly deals with the issue and restores the stories. 

2. Poor Internet Connection 

Internet connectivity is a key factor in the smooth processing of social media features. If your internet connection is weak, old, or slow, your stories may suffer slow uploading or even corrupting when you try to upload them. And it may cause your story to never appear at all besides it being removed before the 24-hour period.

3. Incorrect Date and Time

This can be something like ‘your fault’ and also ‘not your fault’. If your device’s date and time are not synced with the internet, your stories cannot cover the time frame allocated for the display of stories. This mostly happens when you travel to a different time zone and your device is operating at the older timetable. 

4. Violating the Platform’s Community Guidelines

Instagram is a worldwide platform. Hence, its community guidelines are strict like every other social media platform. If your story goes against these guidelines, your story can suffer a non-display at all or quick removal before completing its time. Your stories must be free from nudity, hate speech, spam, violence, and any illegal activities. 

Tips to Counter Instagram Story Disappearing

If you have faced disappearing of your stories or removal of them before 24 hours, you can prevent this from happening again. This does not mean a tip or trick to keep your stories up. But it is a way to ensure your content reaches the people. Here’s what you can try.

1. Share your Stories as Reels

Instagram reels are another popular feature that the platform has to offer. Reels are short videos that allow creators to convey a short message. At best, reels do not disappear after 24 hours. Hence, if you share your content on reels, it will not disappear after 24 hours and also remain present forever for people to view. 

How to Share Your Stories as Reels?

  • Open the story that you want to share
  • Press a three-dot icon in the top right corner
  • Save your story from the menu.
  • Once the story is saved to your camera roll, you can open the Reels section from your Instagram.
  • Click the plus sign
  • Select the video from your camera roll

2. Highlight your Stories

Another way of keeping your stories active and available for longer is by keeping them as stories that remain forever. Yes, your stories remain available forever for future viewing when saved as highlights. Highlights appear on your profile page beneath your info. 

Highlight your Stories

How to Save Your Stories as Highlights:

  • Open your Instagram story
  • Click the ‘Highlight’ option at the bottom of the screen
  • Choose the highlight you want to add to your story
  • You can name your highlight, select a cover photo, and alter the settings as well

How to Fix Your Instagram Stories from Disappearing?

Now that we have explained possible reasons your story disappeared before time and what you can do alternately. Here are other things you can do. These are the solutions to what we discussed earlier.

1- Update your App

Although some internal glitches can occur, it is one of the reasons that your app is not responsive. Often, you get a message to update your app and you keep on ignoring it. But at one time, your app becomes so outdated that it keeps crashing or behaves abnormally.

It can also remove, delete, and not display your stories at all on Instagram. Try looking for updates by searching the app name in the Play Store or App Store and updating it.

Update your App

2- Check your Internet Connection

Have a strong internet connection when uploading your data on Instagram and other apps. You can use a Wi-Fi or mobile data service but ensure that the connection is fast and stable. If not, try troubleshooting.

In the case of a Wi-Fi connection, try restarting your modem or router to re-establish a good connection. Also, try to avoid switching between mobile data and Wi-Fi especially when uploading your stories.

3- Sync your Date and Time

Update your date and time to the time zone you are living in. Also, sometimes unknowingly your device can show a change of time zone. All these reasons can be taken away easily by simply updating your date and time in settings.

Presently only travelling to other destinations results in a change of time zone and you can keep that in mind the next time you travel especially if are an Instagram geek.

4- Follow Instagram Guidelines 

Instagram is a worldwide operating source. Being advanced and ever-updating, Instagram ensures its platform is safe and peaceful. For this, your stories, posts, and reels should all meet the community guidelines criteria of Instagram. You can learn more about Instagram’s community guidelines on the app.

5- Seek Support

Often, nothing seems to be the problem, but there happens to be one. For this, one simple method is to ask for help through Instagram’s support center


Can you see Instagram stories after they disappear?

No, Instagram stories are designed to disappear after 24 hours and cannot be viewed after that time. However, you can store your stories in your private archive using Instagram’s archiving tool. By tapping on your profile image and choosing the “Archive” option, you may view your archived stories. This functionality is activated by default. You can view and even reshare your previous articles with your followers from that point on.

Can you see Instagram stories after they disappear?

Why doesn’t someone’s Instagram story show up?

If someone’s Instagram story doesn’t show up, it could be due to several reasons. Here are a few theories as to why this might have occurred:

  1. Settings privacy: Only their followers may be able to view the user’s stories if they have set their account to private.
  2. Blocked account: Stories from that user will not appear in your feed if you have blocked them or if they have blocked you.
  3. Technical issues: It is possible that the stories are not appearing due to a technical problem with the app. Update the app to the most recent version or try restarting it.
  4. Expired stories: Instagram stories are intended to vanish after a day and are not accessible for viewing after that point.

The person may have removed their tale or may not have posted any recently if none of these explanations fit.

Why did my story reaction disappeared?

This can be possible due to an app bug or other technical issue. Another possible reason could be that the user is using an outdated or unreliable internet connection, which could lead to improper uploading or distorted replies.

Another possibility is that a broken or spotty internet connection occurred at the time the link was uploaded, erasing the reactions. Sadly, unless Instagram can fix this problem, it doesn’t appear that your story reactions that were erased will be returning.


In Conclusion, If Your Instagram story disappeared before the 24-hour mark for a number of reasons. An app problem or technical issue could be one of the causes. An outdated or unreliable internet connection could be another factor, which could lead to distorted or improper story uploads. Another possibility is that the story was removed because the link was uploaded improperly or had a poor internet connection.

If your story was removed, sadly, it doesn’t appear like it will be restored (at least not just yet) unless Instagram manages to fix this problem. According to some users, the problem might be resolved by exiting and reentering the app. Removing the app and downloading it from the App Store again has been recommended by others.

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