How to copy hashtags from Instagram?

Depending on the device and app you’re using, there are various ways to copy hashtags from Instagram posts. Here are 03 techniques you can use:

1- Using a desktop browser:

You can use a web browser on your PC to copy hashtags from Instagram posts. You must first locate the post with the hashtags you wish to copy and tap on the three dots in the post’s upper right corner.

Select Copy URL after that, and then paste the URL into Chrome Safari, or another browser. Once the hashtags are available, click Load More before selecting and copying them. The hashtags can be pasted in a text message, note, or additional Instagram post.

2- Using an Android device:

On your Android phone or tablet, use the iRepost app to copy hashtags from Instagram posts. You must launch the app after installation and tap on the button in the upper right corner. You’ll arrive at the Instagram app as a result.

Then, you must locate the post that has the hashtags you wish to copy and touch on the three dots located in the post’s upper right corner. After that, choose Copy Link and return to iRepost. The post, caption, and hashtags will all be displayed to you automatically by the program.

To copy hashtags to your clipboard, hit Copy Hashtags. In any other app or any Instagram post, you can paste the hashtags.

3- When using an iPhone or iPad:

On iOS devices, there is sadly no simple way to copy hashtags from Instagram posts. On an iPad or iPhone, you cannot utilize the iRepost app or the Copy Link option.

Only manually writing down hashtags in a different note or text document is the only way to copy them. As an alternative, you can copy hashtags from Instagram posts using a browser app like Safari or Chrome by following the same procedures as when using a desktop browser.

How many hashtags should I use on Instagram?

How many hashtags you should use on Instagram is a question that has no clear answer because different sites may have different advice. However, the following are some things you might want to take into account based on my online search results:

  • Instagram has published its own official guidelines regarding the number of hashtags to use. As of December 2022, there have been no updates since their most current recommendation, which was published in September 2021.

The optimal range for hashtags for each post, they wrote in a post on their @creators account, was 3 to 5.

  • However, some research suggests that utilizing more hashtags may increase reach and engagement rates. Using 20 to 30 hashtags per feed post produced the maximum likes and comments, for instance, according to an analysis of over 18M Instagram feed posts by Later.

Additionally, they discovered that as the number of hashtags exceeded, the average reach and interaction rates climbed dramatically.

  • Your content strategy and goals may also influence how many hashtags you employ. To evaluate what works best for your account, you might want to try out various hashtag counts and types. Using tools like Later’s Hashtag Tools, you may discover pertinent hashtags, evaluate their effectiveness, and more.

Utilizing hashtags that are pertinent, focused, and distinctive to your content, audience, and industry is crucial. There are numerous types of hashtags you can employ, including community, brand, campaign, niche, and geographic hashtags. To increase your SEO on Instagram, you can also utilize hashtags and captions with keywords.

A single post can have up to 30 hashtags. Either include them in your caption or add a remark with them. Although there is no conclusive proof that one approach is superior to the other, some users choose to use the comment section to make their captions look more polished and less spammy.

How do I find relevant hashtags for my content?

Finding appropriate hashtags for your post is a crucial step in boosting your Instagram visibility and interaction. You can look for hashtags in a variety of methods depending on your goals, target market, and niche. Here are a few techniques you can use:

Use Instagram from the app itself. To find out which hashtags are popular and trending in your field or region, check the Explore page. Additionally, you can receive hashtag ideas based on your terms by using the hashtag autocomplete tool.

Simply enter a phrase or word in the search bar and touch the Tags tab. You will see a list of hashtags associated with your search along with how many posts contain each one.

1- Make use of a Brand24-style social listening platform. You may use this program to track and examine hashtags on various social media sites, including Instagram.

You may view a hashtag’s number of mentions, interactions, and impressions as well as the sentiment and audience reach of the posts that use it. Additionally, you may find new hashtags associated with your subject and observe which influencers are utilizing them.

2- Make use of a hashtagging tool, such as Later’s Hashtag Tools. You can use this tool to locate pertinent hashtags, evaluate their effectiveness, and save them in lists for quick access.

To find hashtags based on your caption or keywords, utilize the Hashtag Finder. To find out how many impressions, reach, and interaction your hashtags produce, use the hashtag analytics tool.

3- On Instagram, follow influencers and hashtags that are pertinent. You can browse content that shows in your feed or stories by following hashtags pertaining to your area, industry, or specialization.

You can also observe what hashtags influencers that share your audience or content style use by following them. You can obtain ideas for your posts from this and find new hashtags to use.

4- Look through hashtag lists on websites. On numerous websites, you may get lists of hashtags for various topics like travel, fashion, food, etc.

You can look through these lists to locate hashtags that correspond to the subject or goal of your article. These websites include All Hashtags, Top Hashtags, and Best Hashtags, to name a few. Utilize hashtag-generating mobile applications.

You may also locate hashtags for Instagram by using a few apps that you can download to your phone or tablet. These apps typically include functions like hashtag planners, analyzers, and generators.

These programs include Hashtag Expert, Focalmark, and Leetags, to name a few.

What are some popular Instagram hashtags? Top 5 hashtags

Many users use certain Instagram hashtags to share and find information that is connected to popular subjects, interests, or trends. Some of the top Instagram hashtags in 2023, based on the results of my web search, are:

  1. #love: This hashtag is utilized to show affection for a relationship, a pet, a location, or a pastime. With over 2.1 billion posts, it is the hashtag that Instagram users use the most.
  2. #instagood: This hashtag is used to highlight high-quality images and films that brilliantly or impressively capture something. With more than 1.4 billion posts, it is the second most frequently used hashtag on Instagram.
  3. #photooftheday: This hashtag is used to post the top image or video of the day, typically one that was created by or that features the user. With more than 1.2 billion posts, it is the third most frequently used hashtag on Instagram.
  4. #fashion: This hashtag is used to share and find information on clothes, accessories, trends, and brands in the fashion industry. With more than 1 billion posts, it is the fourth most frequently used hashtag on Instagram.
  5. #trending: This hashtag is used to denote that a particular topic is currently trending, viral, or important. Any subject, including news, entertainment, sports, or memes, can be covered with it. With almost 900 million posts, it is the seventh most frequently used hashtag on Instagram.

These are really a few illustrations of well-liked Instagram hashtags. There are numerous other popular hashtags for other categories, like travel, fitness, food, art, etc. To identify more hashtags that fit your content and objectives, you can use tools like Later’s hashtag tools or HubSpot’s hashtag generator.

What are some tips to use hashtags effectively on Instagram?

Effectively utilizing hashtags on Instagram may expand your audience, increase your follower count, and increase interaction. The following advice will help you utilize hashtags on Instagram effectively:

1- Make use of precise and pertinent hashtags. Use hashtags that are relevant to your audience, niche, and content. Use hashtags like #surfing, #surflife, #animalssurfing, and #skunks, for instance, if you share a picture of a skunk on a surfboard.

Use #follow4follow or #likeforlike instead of generic or useless hashtags that have nothing to do with your topic or company. These hashtags won’t help you draw in the right kind of viewers or clients.

2- Mix both well-known and specialized hashtags. Use hashtags that are evenly distributed in terms of popularity and specificity. Hashtags like #love or #fashion are examples of popular hashtags since they are frequently used in posts.

Although they are incredibly competitive and might cause your posts to be swiftly buried, these hashtags can help you connect with a sizable and varied audience.

Niche hashtags, like #skincareblogger or #torontophotographer, are less popular but are more focused and pertinent to your field, region, or community.

These hashtags may not have as much exposure or reach, but they can help you connect with a more selective, devoted, and engaged audience.

3-Use the appropriate quantity of hashtags. Although Instagram permits up to 30 hashtags per post, you are not required to use them all. In September 2021, Instagram’s official guidelines said that 3 to 5 hashtags should be used in each post.

However, some research indicates that adding additional hashtags may increase visibility and interaction. The easiest way to determine how many hashtags are effective for you is to test out various hashtag types and counts to see what happens.

To evaluate the effectiveness of your hashtags, you can make use of tools like Later’s Hashtag Analytics or Hootsuite’s Hashtag Generator.

4- Incorporate keywords into your hashtags and captions. Keywords are phrases or words that define your content and help visitors locate it more easily. You may increase your Instagram SEO (search engine optimization) by including keywords in both your captions and your hashtags.

Making your material more visible and pertinent to search engines like Google or Bing is known as SEO. When people search for issues relating to your specialty or sector, you may boost the likelihood that your content will show up in the search results by including keywords in your captions and hashtags.

Use campaign-specific and branded hashtags. Branded hashtags, like #Nike or #JustDoIt, are distinctive hashtags that symbolize your company name, tagline, item, or service. Campaign hashtags, like #ShareACoke or #IceBucketChallenge, are customized hashtags you generate for a marketing campaign, promotion, contest, or event.

User-generated content (UGC), community building, brand exposure, and tracking the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns may all be accomplished with the use of branded and campaign hashtags.